Doing the “Pee-Pee” Dance

It’s frustrating having to wait to “go” while another gets out of the shower or finishes cleaning up. Ergo the popularity of the additional 1/2 bath. Considering the wasted space and energy of having this extra, it’s screaming at me to re-design the one bathroom layouts.

I recall my school-aged son jumping through the house to get to the bathroom. He wasn’t the only one who had to use “the facilities” either. In our tiny 2-bedroom home, it wasn’t the distance he had to travel to get to the bathroom, but the layout:

2 BR Apt

So, I changed the orientation of the toilet, enclosed it, and gave it a tiny, wall mounted sink:

2-BR Apt modified

This type of layout is most common in the Far East. Nearly ALWAYS you will find the toilet separate from the tub (ofuro) and a sink. It makes sense.

There are other concerns with this floor plan layout; however, only the bathroom is being addressed here.